What are the benefits of ordering at Serving Chefs?

When ordering at Serving Chefs you are getting a true dining experience at home. Your food arrives ready to (h)eat in our beautiful porcelain packaging that you can simply put in the oven or microwave. There’s no need for a guilty conscious, as our packaging is fully reusable. And the best thing is that we simply pick up the packaging with your next order. This means no extra work of returning your used containers!

How can I return the Serving Chefs packaging?

You can simply return your used containers to our driver with your next order. In case you would like to return the packaging yourself, you can also return them to one of our drop-off locations.

What happens after returning the packaging to one of our drivers or drop-off locations?

When you return the packaging to one of our drivers or drop-off locations, they will scan it directly after which the return will be visible in the app. The returned containers are professionally cleaned before they are used for the next order.

What happens if I don’t return the Serving Chefs packaging?

In case you do not return the packaging within 28 days, you will be charged 10€ per container as a deposit. This way we can ensure that there are always sufficient containers for our chefs. But don’t worry, you will be able to return the containers afterwards as well. If you decide to return the containers after the 28 days, you’ll get 10 credits per container in the app, which you can redeem for delicious meals.

Can I return my used Serving Chefs packaging dirty?

Please be so kind to at least rinse the containers with water to avoid mold and bad smells. This way you can hygienically store the packaging at home until your next order. After handing over the packaging back to us, we make sure that they are cleaned professionally before the next use. Please note that we always check all containers and are not obliged to take back deliberately damaged containers that have not been used for food. In this case we would charge you the deposit value of 10€ per damaged container.

What are the Serving Chefs containers made of?

The Serving Chefs containers are made out of high-quality porcelain. The lids are made out of food grade silicone.

Are your meals frozen?

No, all our meals are absolutely fresh and made just hours before delivery. Our meals are as fresh as if you would cook them yourself.

How long can your meal last?

All dishes can be kept in the refrigerator for another day and reheated and eaten the day after. Although your food is of course the freshest if you consume it on the same day as the delivery.

Can you freeze your meals?

We do not advice you to freeze in your meals unless it is explicitly mentioned by the chef / in the app.

How can you best heat up your meal?

Each dish comes with exact heating instructions for the oven, stove or microwave. Heating up your food in the oven is generally our preferred choice. Especially if a dish should stay crispy.

Do you also deliver to my address?

You can easily check if we already delivery to you address on the home page of our website.

What time do you deliver?

The serving chefs meals are delivered in two time windows. Either between 16 and 18 o’clock or between 18 and 20 o’clock. We’ll send you a narrower 30 minutes timeslot on the day of the delivery.

Does the delivery person expect a tip?

No, our delivery drivers do not expect a tip. We pay a fair wage, so a tip is not necessary.

What will happen to the porcelain bowls? Do you expect it back?

We will gladly take back the porcelain bowls with your next order. You can track the status of your return in the app. In case you returned your packaging after more than 4 weeks, we will refund you the deposit value of the packaging as credits for Serving Chefs.

Can I get an invoice for my order?

Of course! We are sending you an invoice to your email address with each order.

How can I pay?

You can pay via credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Sofortüberweisung (coming soon).

Is my payment info secure in the app?

We use Stripe for payment processing, a highly popular PCI-compliant service that carefully encrypts payment information. You can learn more here.