Our story

Eric Draijer and Bart Ariëns are long term friends that know each other from their studies in the Netherlands. Both friends moved to Berlin about ten years ago and after a long succesful corporate career, they decided to change course drastically.

In 2019 they started a restaurant delivery chain called Ribs Revolution, serving delicious sous-vide cooked Iberico spare-ribs delivered in the packaging it was cooked in to keep the optimal taste while reducing packaging waste drastically.

Eric Draijer (left) and Bart Ariëns (right) at their delivery restaurant Ribs Revolution.

Although Ribs Revolution was a success and the restaurant received a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on all review platforms, both founders realized that the available food delivery options are simply ridiculous because of two reasons:

1. Warm delivery doesn’t work for quality food.
During the transport, food loses its crispiness, freshness and heat quickly. Sides that needs to stay cold are warmed up by the warm parts and vice-versa. Furthermore, sides get mixed and shaken up, resulting a filthy mess.

2. Food delivery causes huge amount of waste
Full garbage bag after you ordered in food? No wonder, currently every consumer generates 10kg of single use packaging waste per year.

This was the reason Eric and Bart decided to change course once more and build their own food delivery platform that serves high quality and healthy food, suitable for young and old. After a couple of months testing, Serving Chefs finally went live in Berlin Zehlendorf in July 2022.

Bart Ariëns (left) and Eric Draijer (right) outside at one of the production kitchens.